Enter To Win A $25 Gift Card To Any One Store Of Your Choice (1)

Thanks for swinging by to enter my giveaway! Good Luck!

Enter To Win A $25 Gift Card To Any One Of Your Favorite Stores + More!

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A group of bloggers has put together some amazing giveaways for you (with the minimum value of $15 each – but some are much more than that!). Be sure to enter them all – there is no limit to how many you can win. GOOD LUCK!


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  1. I think I would have to go with a Walmart gift card if I won. There is quite a bit of stuff I could get with $25 that we are actually in need of!

  2. I’d pick Walmart. It’s nice to have some extra ‘cash’ hanging around to buy cat food and stuff with.

  3. Yay for giveaways! I would love one to Bed Bath & Beyond…. something to cheer me up cause it’s mad snowing outside! 🙁 It’s’ supposed to spring!

  4. I could really use the gift card at Walmart
    There are so many little things I need and could get there including groceries that I think that would be the best place to get the gift card from right now. Thank yoy for the opportunity to be blessed.

  5. I would choose Walmart..namely because my daughters 5th grade dance and graduation from elementary to middle school is coming up and all of us parents are trying to supply everything for these 90 kids..every little bit helps.

  6. I would definitely choose Walmart because I would use it for groceries! I hate being broke! haha God bless and Happy Easter everyone!

  7. I don’t see it above but I’m sure Amazon is on this list. Or I would ;take a Best Buy gc. All of the stores are good thanks so much!

  8. I would choose Amazon or a computer store since I’m working on building my own computer from scratch. Parts can get expensive!

  9. Amazon, I have so many books and work out gear among a things for the grandchildren on hold there . so every penny counts..

  10. I would choose Amazon because I have a nice long wish list there for my daughters room redo I’m planning for her 13th b-day.