mint crush (4)When Thanksgiving rolls around, most people focus on the food on the table. Here’s how to make the meal even more special by having a beautifully decorated table even before the food is added.

Thanksgiving was originally a time to celebrate a bountiful harvest. With that idea in mind, you can create thanksgiving table decorations with natural autumn colors. There are so many ways to decorate using natural items – pinecones, fruits, vegetables, leaves and twigs. Here are a few to consider.

Start out with a rich jewel-toned tablecloth. A deep red, golden yellow or orange tablecloth will make a wonderful backdrop for the place settings. Add contrasting colored cloth napkins if you have them. Create napkin rings out of beads and silk leaves. Glue a couple of acorns onto the napkin ring.

If you have enough dishes to do so, stack the main dinner plate on top of a golden charger. This will dress the table up considerably, especially if you use gold-toned decorations elsewhere on the table. If you don’t have other gold-toned items for the table, try to find candlesticks which are gold-toned or small vases to place flowers in.

Beeswax candles of varying heights can be added to the table. You can put the candles on a mirror for added interest. These can be placed at opposite ends of the table so you have enough room for a centerpiece. Spread cranberries or glass marbles on the mirrors to break up the reflection of the candle.

The centerpiece can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Try to keep the centerpiece on the short side since people will be seated at the table. You want your centerpiece to allow you to have a conversation with the person across from you. Of course, if you love a tall, dramatic centerpiece you can always remove it before the food arrives.

Find large fall leaves and wash them. Then carefully write each person’s name on the leaf with metallic markers. These will be used as place cards. If you’re not sure about using leaves, you can also find small gourds or pears to lean the place cards against. Use raffia to tie the name card to the gourd or pear. Another idea is to find small picture frames and place a picture of each person in the frame. These can then be used in lieu of place cards.

Thanksgiving table decoration ideas don’t have to be elaborate to be beautiful. Think about the things you enjoy most about the fall and incorporate those ideas into your decorations. You’ll be proud of your efforts to supply your family with a beautiful table and delicious food.


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  1. Thanks for these ideas! I’m a florist so I always get asked to do the centerpiece for our annual autumn family dinner party. I love doing it but I look to do something different every year. These ideas are fantastic, thanks so much for sharing.