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Finding actually ways to make money online can be a real challenge. I’m sure im not the only person in the world looking to make a few bucks online. Realistically I know I wont be making a living from online, but it sure does feel nice to have a little stash in PayPal to be able to contribute to a small bill or splurge and buy something that I want online without feeling guilty. The list of different jobs I’m sharing with you is different from the most well-known ways to earn money online like virtual assisting or free-lance writing (which are both things that I just can’t commit to at this point in my life ). There is hope for us flakes out there with children that can only dedicate a nap time or a few hours in the evening or morning! Micro jobs are our answer and good for us there is a TON of sites that offer them.


Amazon Mechanical Turk – This is one of my favorite sites. I going to say im not really sure how I stumbled upon this beside the fact that I was googling something and it happened to show up. With MTurk I have can truthfully say I have made a decent little amount of money. After you sign up you can perform micro jobs (called hits), doing anything from Googling a term, reading things off a receipt, short review, and everything else under the sun. You start off only making a few cents for the hits but they only take a minuet or so. The more hits you do the better hits you can start to qualify for, and with some of them paying more than $20 you can really start to add up. The best part is you are paid through amazon payments which you can transfer directly to your bank account with no minimum.


Fiverr  – Fiverr is another great option for you if you don’t like the idea of only making change per job. With Fiverr you can perform jobs for practically anything somebody would be willing to pay $5 for. a few of the more popular jobs can be proof reading a college essay or best dissertation writing service, writing a short blog post, logo design (think and sooooo more. It’s worth a look, because hey $5 is $5! You also get paid thru PayPal which is pretty awesome, but you do have to wait 14 days before the money become available in your fiverr account (just in case there is a problem with your work.)cclogo

Click Chores –  This one is a little different from the others I just told you about. You can request to withdraw your money at anytime but they pay out through PayPal twice a month . The jobs are where things start to get different. Click Chores offers jobs that can include like my brand of Facebook, retweet my tweet, post my link ect. You are required to submit proof for completing the task like a screen shot or your url. They now pay $.05 for Facebook jobs ($.05 for liking or sharing  a post.. count me in!)clickworker

Clickworker  – This one is more tedious than the others, but can also be a very good resource to make some money online as well. You have to take an assessment test before you perform the micro job to make sure you are the best fit for the job. The test aren’t as hard as you might think, give your self a chance before you write your self off. The micro jobs are just as simple as the other sites I have previously mentioned, they just have that extra step. They also have a great referral program if you know anyone else that might be interested in making a couple of dollars!


Another good option for all of us non committing flakes are survey sites. They require no real work at all but yet can pay out quite decently. I myself, can honestly say I have made over $100 doing just surveys. Making money has never been this easy. All you have to do is answer a few questions about anything from entertainment to product usage in your household.

Pinecone Research  – This site can be super-duper rewarding pay out wise but, the drawback is they can be quiet difficult to get into. They are really selective. The good news is you can always try again and again to get into the surveys. They are consistently changing up requirement and you are bound to get in soon.  When you do get in, you will earn points for each completed product survey, which can be exchanged for cash and other rewards. PLUS you will be automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes for your time. It only took me about 2 weeks before I was able to qualify for my area, which is too to terrible. The pay can really be worth the little  hassle.

Neilson – This is my absolute favorite company to do anything for! You may be wondering why I included them in the survey side of this, and the answer is simple. Neilson is not only for only for the hand-held scanner you can get. When your account gets activated you can participate in surveys that have all kinds of special bonuses. Also if you can get your hands on one of their hand-held home scanners, you only need to scan you groceries and transmit it once a week to them. You can earn point and redeem them for gift card or other great things. Plus they give away a $500 American Express Gift Card to 25 members a month just for transmitting data.  You can earn up to four chances a month!


MindSwarms –  They are a COMPLETELY unique video survey site. If you are comfortable with being on your webcam or mobile device camera while you watch an ad online then they are for you. You only have to answer 7 questions on your webcam to get paid $50! The whole process takes less than 20 minuets from log in to log out. Did I mention you can do it on mobile…for $50. You also get paid in 24 hours via PayPal. This is a win, win, win for me!


I wanted to also include a couple actual jobs just in case you’re not a flake like me and really interested in a stead job source. I’m sure you can find a few more but these two are the ones I feel are good enough for me to mention.logo

 Transcribe Me –  If you are interested in medical transcription but don’t have degree,  this company is for you. You do not need to have experience to sign up for transcription work. They do require you to take and entrance test, but in my untrained opinion it is very, very simple. Transcribe Me also pays you via PayPal which is pretty convenient. Don’t be afraid to try this out. The audio files are all very short and straightforward.ariselogo

Arise – This is one of the only legitimate companies you can do actual customer service work from home. With Arise, you will be working as a customer phone representative while still being on your own flexible schedule. If you have a phone friendly voice and like to work in customer service I suggest you check them out.


I hope this list has been useful for you, but keep in mind there are also plenty off other option to earn or save money conveniently. Be sure to check out how I earn cash back for my every day purchases with the quickest money-saving apps.



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  1. Excellent article! Some of these ideas I had not heard from and I search the net 24/7 looking for ideas. Thanks so much!

    1. Why thank you! I tried to make it as simple and direct as possible so that it was easy to try out each one and determine which ones you like the best.