Thanksgiving checklist

Let me help you have the flawless Thanksgiving you have always dreamed of!

Aren’t you tired of always forgetting some random item on Thanksgiving? I know I am!  I’m sure I’m not the only one making that mad dash to the grocery store on Thanksgiving morning, or sending my husband. No matter how hard I try, there is always something that eludes me. I don’t know what it is about Thanksgiving, but I can just never seem to get it together!

This year things are changing, because I for one, am sick and tired of it! I have enough to do (and so do you)!

From what I have been told, the true trick to hosting a seamless Thanksgiving is being well-organized (which I completely am not). So, because I organizationally challenged, I  decided to take charge. I wrote down a list of the things that I always forgot to do/buy. I then went to all of my friends and asked them what some of the things are that they usually forgot. To my surprise a lot of their stuff was stuff I was forgetting too (so I’m not just crazy!).

No more will you be cranberry sauce-les!

After compiling it all, I came up with the ultimate list of things that are easily forgotten on Thanksgiving and turned it into a printable! All you need to do now to save your sanity this Thanksgiving is just print out the Forget Me Not Checklist and stick it on your fridge!

Make sure you also grab your prepared cheat sheet/Thanksgiving schedule too! And, if you run into trouble this year, you call always call the Turkey 911 hotline to get all of your questions answered for FREE!

Thanksgiving checklist

Don’t miss a beat this year!

I hope your Thanksgiving runs as smooth as the potatoes! Happy Turkey Day!



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  1. Here is a big hug of thanksgiving. I have had some strokes so I forget everything! At least now I have a excuse! 😁. Thank you for your help. Happy holidays 💖⛄

  2. This is so detailed, I absolutely love it! My fiance and I are actually hosting our first Thanksgiving this year, so this is perfect! Thank you for putting in the work and putting this together 🙂