Parties are so much fun to attend. You get to show up and enjoy yourself without having to worry about a thing. Hosting a Valentine’s Day party on a budget doesn’t seem like it would be as much fun, but it can be if you plan it right.

Think about what you’ll need for your Valentine’s Day party so you can set your budget. Most likely you’ll want food, beverages and decorations at a minimum. Here are some ideas to help you have a great party without blowing a hole in your pocketbook.

Determine the time of the party. What time you have the party can make a big difference in the amount of money you spend. Hosting the party after dinner will keep you from having to prepare a full meal. Everyone will most likely have already eaten so you can prepare only finger foods or desserts. You can also have a casual party so everyone doesn’t feel the need to dress up.


Decide on the menu. Finger foods are easy to make. Melt chocolate and prepare a fresh fruit tray for guests to dip in the chocolate. Depending upon the number of guests you invite, a deli tray with meat and cheese might also work. Don’t forget the chips and a couple of types of dip. They’re always a hit.

Accept help from others. Why not have a sweets tasting for your party? You can ask each guest to bring a dessert item to share. This will make the food part of your budget much less than if you supply everything.


There’s no reason you have to spend a great deal on beverages. Make punch with sherbet, fruit punch and ginger ale. You can also have sparkling juice rather than champagne. Ice tea, coffee and hot apple cider might also be good choices. Let guests who prefer a particular beverage know they are free to bring what they would like to drink.


Decorations don’t have to be expensive. Think of creative ways you can use decorations you already have. Most families have red and white decorations left over from Christmas. Hang white lights around the room to give it ambiance. Add candles for a warm glow. Red ball ornaments can be placed in a crystal bowl and used as a centerpiece for the food table. Use your imagination and you may find you don’t have to spend money at all. The only things you may have to spend money on plates, cups, napkins and silverware.


Use email or online sources such as Evite, American Greetings or MyPunchBowl to invite your guests. Call your guests a day or so before the party if you haven’t received any RSVPs. Use traditional invitation for those who don’t have computer access.

If you love to party but don’t have much money after the holidays, hosting a Valentine’s Day party on a budget is possible. Think about what you have on hand that can be used for decorations, have the party at a time when a full meal is not expected, and make simple beverages. You shouldn’t have to go broke to have a good time, so use your imagination to come up with ways to host your party on a budget and enjoy yourself.


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