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Did you know that you can receive FREE or deeply discounted items just by agreeing to leave a fair unbiased review on Amazon? Its like paying with your opinion and yes it is that easy! Companies need valuable reviews for their products to boost their rankings and sales on Amazon. In turn, you the reviewer get to sample awesome products for free!

There are tons of ways to find Amazon products to review, but first, I suggest you head over to your Amazon account and write a quick review for two of your previous purchases. I was never one to review my purchases on amazon so I had a ton to choose from and I’m sure you do too. This gives companies something to look at when you apply to review their products (so make sure those reviews look good!).

While you’re on Amazon, make sure you swing over and complete your public profile. Write a little something about yourself, upload a picture, and most importantly add your email address. Some companies will look at other item reviews, decide they like the way they are written, and pitch directly to the reviewer. In order for you to receive these direct pitches you will need to have an email address so these companies will have some way of contacting you. Check out the one I received this morning for example:azonemail

It is also very important to know that you are not just getting free stuff for nothing. Companies depend on you to do your part and leave your review. When leaving a review, make sure everything is spelled correctly, grammatically correct, and so on so forth. Write good, quality reviews with 5 or more sentences and be sure to include the appropriate disclaimer: “I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.” OR “I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.” This will show them you are serious about reviewing.

If you plan on reviewing quite a few products at a time make sure you make a plan to organize your review due dates. Reviews are usually due with in 10 days of receiving your product but do vary depending on what site or review group you go through.  Just grab a notebook and write down the name of the product, order date, where it came from (site, group, email ect.), and due date. This will help you stay on top of your reviews so you don’t fall behind and risk getting removed from the place you get your product from.Amazon-Prime-boxes

The first way to grab some free swag to review is signing up with these reviewing websites below. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few days to be approved for something. I was just approved today for something I applied for over a week ago.

  • AMZ Review Trader – This is by far one of my favorites. You can filter the products by price, date added, ect.
  • Elite Deal Club – Great one to join! They send out daily emails and there are many products to choose from.
  • SnagShout – – Sign up and choose your free or discounted deal. Once you leave your review on Amazon, you’ll be eligible to pick another deal!
  • Tomoson – Connects you with companies that want their products reviewed in multiple places (Amazon, personal blogs, etc). You apply and if you’re accepted, you get the product free shipped through Amazon.
  • Reviews 4 Free
  • BuView
  • All Star Reviews – Sign up then they will send offers to you via email.
  • iLoveToReview – Emails are sent out when new products are available.
  • Review Loop – Review Loop is an invite-only Review Community. A current member can invite you or you can fill out the form for a chance to get in.
  • Giveaway Service – Helps you connect with companies looking to get reviews on their products.
  • Etekcity – Apply and they will contact you via email if you are accepted to the Citizen Program from Etekcity then you get to pick which product you want to review.
  • Toilet Tree Product Review Club – They are full at this time but are slowly adding more people each week. Fill out the form to apply then they will contact you via email when you’re added.
  • Secret Deals Club
  • Product Review Club
  • Amazing Deals Group – Sign up and receive a DealCoin to use to get the product you want. Write your honest Product Review on Amazon. Amazing Deals Group verifies when your Review is posted. You earn a new DealCoin to get another Deal!
  • Shop With Reviews

These are just a few of the many sites available. Feel free to post any good one you find in the comments below so we can all sign up.

I really love being able to review products and I am sure you will too. Even my three year old runs to the door when he see’s the UPS man! Just one last piece of advice, DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A DISCLOSURE! Amazon will reject your review and it doesn’t just hurt your review ranking but the sellers too. It can also lead to Amazon shutting your account down entirely (Yikes!).

Also, if you want to earn FREE amazon gift cards to help you grab some of the review items that are not free but deeply discounted, don’t forget to sign up for Swagbucks! I earned my first $5 gift card in like 20 minutes!

If you were able to grab some cool stuff, head over and show me a photo of your mail call! 



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  1. What a great idea and opportunity. I’ve been thinking more and more about ways to get discounted stuff (or even free stuff) while working from home. Things are getting more expensive so anywhere I can cut costs is sooooo welcomed!

  2. This is a great idea. I really enjoyed it from beginning to ending because this is very interesting. We choose only the best products to facilitate the people so that they can choose the best one for their loved ones. Keep writing we love your Content. I think your family would enjoy it.

    1. This post is the fascinating one and it induces me to know more about the Amazon site. Thanks for the sharing this blog and keep on sharing these kinds of useful blogs.

  3. Another site where they send you full size free samples in exchange for honest review is It’s free to sign up. I have received tons of items that are name brand, full size, and for some items I get coupons that pays for item in full. It is pretty awesome.

  4. What are the top ones you suggest? I always read reviews and see that they are getting the item to review at a discounted rate or free! I would love to review clothes, accessories and more! 🙂

  5. Hello!
    I was reading your post and I thought this is too good on be true! So I signed up for an AMZ Reviewer account. I was approved to get a FREE iPod case. When the case came in the mail I went to write a review. Turns out Amazin has a new rule where you have to spend at least $5 on a product in order to do a review on it. I was so disappointed and I have no idea what to do!
    Please help,

    1. Hi hope!
      I have not head of that rule. I am still able to review items I get for FREE. While reading through the review guideline page from Amazon I saw no mention of that any where. You can find that page here to check.

  6. THANK YOU!!!! Bought quite a few things on Amazon “prime day” that had reviews stating ” I scored this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review”…. And wondered how they were able to snag an arrangement like that!! I’d LOVE to receive products in exchange for my review! Like many others, I read product reviews before making the decision to buy or not. I DEPEND on them. So excited to be part of this!!! Thanks again for the info!!!!

  7. Fantastic post, Ashley! Thx for the great tips! As an author, I’m always looking for people to review my book(s) but I never thought about reviewing other products that aren’t books!

  8. You answered the question I’ve been wondering about for a long time. I love Amazon! Thank you so much for letting others know about these wonder opportunities.

  9. Thanks for the tips on how to get going. I was thinking of doing some blog reviews of products but didn’t think to actually get some reviews in my amazon account or set up my profile on amazon. Do you have your amazon account set up as your blog name or as your personal name? Thanks neighbor!

    1. I have my display name as my own name. There is a place for you to add your website so I did that and also use my site email as well. I do actually get quite a few emails asking for reviews not only on amazon but my site too. 🙂

      1. Hi Ashley! I have been reading A LOT of your interest on Pinterest! I just turned 50 and I am on Medicare. I REALLY THOUGHT, life as I knew it was gone. I have worked all my life. I started following you today, looking for ways to make extra money or just try new items. I REALLY WANT TO THANK YOU, I realized there is still life out there, DOING SOMETHING. I have problems with my back and that’s why I’m no longer working. AGAIN, THANK YOU, Susan. I don’t have a website, BUT, I do make items that I sell locally.

  10. This is great! I tried to create a profile but it won’t accept my email address. It keeps telling me to try another one. Any suggestions? (Only have 1 email address)

  11. Do you ever get spam sent to your email? I love this and had never heard of it, however having my email public on my Amazon account for everyone to see makes me nervous…

    1. I actually don’t really get any spam emails but if you are uncomfortable with that idea, you could always make a new email address just for reviewing purposes. 🙂

  12. Hi Ashley,
    This may seem like an odd question, but do you know how many of these sites are available for Canadians? I know Amazon does and this was the perfect article that I needed to help me get started. So I thank you for this fantastic article!

  13. I would like to review products. Am new to the computer and doing this sort of thing. Would appreciate the opportunity to give it a go.
    Thank you

  14. I’ve been doing some reviews for Weespring for baby products. I got a free tube of diaper rash cream for my son to try, and recently tried a stretch mark cream for them as well.
    You have to be invited to review but you could express your interest.

    1. I would love to review products for Weespring. I belong to one other review site and since I am retired I have time to write up honest and unbiased reviews in exchange for products. I believe in honest opinions about the product and willing to contact admin if there is a problem with a product. I have never received a product in Top Quality Review that I was very pleased with through Amazon Prime. Been a member of Prime for about a year. I would appreciate you adding me to your list….
      Thank you ~ Angie Lail

  15. Thanks so much for the tips. I’ve reviewed many many products on Amazon #1 because honest reviews are what help me decide which products to buy and #2 I had heard repeatedly that it was the only way to be invited to review products for companies. Now I know the real story.

    1. I am an Amazon Prime member so I never pay for shipping but if I wasn’t, I would be responsible for shipping. Every once in a while though I get a product that is not Prime eligible and its usually from amz review trader. They do have the option to report an issue and I usually let them know that the seller did not disclose shipping cost and they take care of it from there. But the short answer is no you usually don’t if you are an Amazon Prime member 🙂

  16. Very interesting post never knew of this type of thing before will definitely check it out,thanks for sharing

  17. Wow, I didn’t even know this was a possibility. So excited to sign up for some of these! Thanks for the great information 🙂

  18. These are great tips. I was literally just reading the reviews of some product on target and kept seeing the disclaimer and was wondering how the heck people find those opportunities. Thanks for sharing this great info!

  19. Thanks for sharing this great article resources with great resources. I could be this easy.
    Just signed up to receive your updates. Found her article on Pinterest!

  20. Thanks so much for the tips. I’m definitely going to try some of them. Seriously though great post with great info. Thank you thank you!!!!

    1. No problem! There are so many more out there, if you happen to find any other cool ones be sure to come back and let me know! 🙂