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As a mom, a clean car is usually the last thing on my mind. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if the trash starts falling out when I open the door or the funky smell starts to set in, I take action. Until then, cleaning the car is usually something that falls to the “will do eventually” category for me.

Between dropping kids and all the other pressure of everyday life, cleaning something that you literally sits outside doesn’t seem that important.. until someone asks you for a ride or it’s your turn for carpool.

Check out these simple, cheap, and unexpectedly easy hacks for a clean car in no time.

  1. Wipe down your dusty dashboard with a coffee filter.Hacks For a Clean Car

    The coffee filter attracts and holds the dust but also doesn’t leave behind lint.

  2. Clean inside hard to reach places like A/C vents with a paint/foam brush.Hacks For a Clean Car

    Some A/C vents pop out for easy cleaning, but for those of us that don’t have that, a paint brush is the next best option to cleaning your vent.

  3. Use silicone cupcake liners in your cup holders.Hacks For a Clean Car

    They will catch any spills and are super easy to clean.

  4. Keep your cup holder clean by storing your change in an empty gum container.Hacks For a Clean Car

    Not only does this make your change more accessible, but it will also keep your cup holder from smelling like a rusty penny (or in my case, the change from all sticking together after spilling coffee).

    Hacks For a Clean Car

  5. Always have Fresh Wave Handy!Hacks For a Clean Car

    My child’s car seat tends to be one of the stinker places in my car. For some reason it’s a magnet for every crumb, sand particle, and sticky thing in that ends up in the car, and I have no idea why. Oh wait, yes I do… maybe it’s because he is a four-year-old, potty training, toddler. Fresh Wave products remove odors using natural ingredients meaning it safe to use around kids and pets!  Fresh Wave contains no harsh chemicals, no heavy perfumes, and no toxic ingredients. And, even sweeter, Fresh Wave comes in a variety of forms.

    Fresh Wave 2Personally, I like the spray for the fabric like in the car seat. I like to follow that up by tossing a gel pack into one of the cup holders to keep my car smelling fresh. Fresh Wave is available at national retailers like Target and Ace Hardware, as well as online.Fresh Wave

    You can learn more about Fresh Wave here.

  6. Change your air filter.Hacks For a Clean Car

    If you clean your entire car but still can’t get rid of that musty odor, it may be time to change your air filter. It’s a really simple process that require absolutely no tools in most cases. For you car guru’s looking at this, yes that is my engine air filter. My car does not have a separate cabin air filter, and changing the engine air filter really does help with smell issues.

    Hacks For a Clean Car

  7.  Use dryer sheets to get stuck on bugs off!

    dryer sheetsDryer sheets easily remove stuck on bug yuck from your grille and headlights.

  8. Use a toothbrush to get dirt out of textured surfaces.

    toothbrushToothbrushes are like amazing little tiny scrub brushes that work really well to get the ground in dirt out of places like the door of the car!

  9. Prevent your trunk from becoming a catch all.

    51GQlX2Sa0LReduce clutter in your trunk by investing in a trunk organizer. Always have a place for everything. Otherwise you’ll have to send your car to Junk Cars in Broward sooner than you think.

  10. Keep toys and other essentials organized.

    I use a cheap shoe organizer that I ordered from Just add a couple of zip ties around the head to store toys, tissues, and any other essentials you might need. This will keep them easily accessible while keeping your car neat and organized.

Being a mom is rough, make your life a little bit easier by never being caught of guard with a dirty car again! Am I missing some of your shortcuts? Share them with me in the comments! What are some of your favorite car cleaning hacks or ways to stay organized?

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  1. I use a small hard plastic- somewhat narrow- trash can. I am going velcro it to the side of the dash in front passenger seat (can also attach to back of mid-console), and also now am using any smaller plastic bags. (Cereal and chips and food/napkin packaging.. ) now that I try to use canvas and cotton bags for shopping.

  2. Enjoyed the article. Wonder on your ideas about car clean? I have had a Mexican feather car in the past. I never cut it off; I just waited until it started to show green at the base and then after a good rain or watering, I would put on heavy gloves and tease the dead grass out. I see so much ornamental grass cut off that does not regrow.

  3. Wow! these are amazing tips and hacks. Who would’ve thought that using a coffee filter to clean your dashboard is effective. Thank you so much for this.

  4. I keep organized in the car by having a great organizer behind the driver’s seat and a garbage bag to help keep

  5. My hubby gave me a trunk organizer for Christmas and I always use it! No more stuff ‘rolling around’ the back of the car!

  6. I’m not quite as diligent at keeping my car clean as I should be. I clean up spills, keep food out of the car, and air it out when I can.

  7. I have been using a silicone cupcake liner in my cup holder since I bought my new car in April, and it really helps! Otherwise, since it is a new car, I don’t eat in it or really do anything to get it too dirty.

  8. I love my behind the seat pocket organizer (I have it flipped to the front), so that I can stay organized from the time I get in my car to the time I get out! Everything has it’s own place. And, when someone rides with me, I just turn it around to the back of the seat. 🙂 I also do the same thing that Janet said in her comment…use a plastic grocery bag for a trash can. When it’s full, take it out, throw it away, and grab a new one! Great post and thx for the opportunity with this awesome giveaway!! Good luck everyone!!

  9. I always have a garbage bag in the car and I have a hand vacuum that I use maybe about once a week to cleanup small messes.

  10. Great tips. I love the cup holder idea. I always hate cleaning that spot in my car. I’ll be doing that ASAP. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I keep my car clean by ming everyone pick up after themselves and if there is a spill wiping it up as soon as possible.

  12. I have a bag for trash in side my car-it’s the only way I can keep the car from turning into a garbage dump!

  13. I always have disinfectant wipes in my car (or, at the very least, baby wipes), just in case of “emergency”. It has saved my car from a sticky mess on many occasions. I also find that, when my husband is driving, I may just reach for one and kinda clean the passenger side of the car while we are getting from point A to B.

  14. Whenever I’m filling the car up with gas, I use those few moments to grab any garbage I see in the car & throw it away.

  15. I keep small plastic containers with lids to store small toys, dvds, snacks and I always keep plastic bags to put trash in.

  16. I leave a liner (even if just a ripped bag) on the floor elsewhere if there’s food involved – it’s saved the upholstery multiple times.

  17. Well, it’s a new vehicle, so it really hasn’t had time to get dirty yet. However, we do have a trunk organizer and back seat organizer. So for right now, it does stay organized.