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Well, it looks like spring has finally sprung. It’s time to put away those heavy sweater and big winter coats. Before you start heading to the mall to pick up the latest spring fashion, consider putting together a mix and match wardrobe (or capsule wardrobe as others may call it).

With the purchase of 10-15 articles of clothing, you can create an entire wardrobe full of colors you love and easy co-ordinations. Creating a mix and match wardrobe is all about building a wardrobe that works together and works for you. I put together 15 inexpensive outfits with my 15 clothing options from Kmart, but could have easily created more.

Mix and match wardrobes are not only perfect for your budget, but will save you the dreaded “But I have nothing to wear!” scream well all do with a closet full of clothes. They are also really great if you have a small storage space and want to get the most out of a small wardrobe. Save yourself hours of ruffling through your closet full of options by purchasing specific pieces you know will work well together and in other outfits.

You can now have fun every time you step into your closet because your mix and match wardrobe works together like a puzzle. Your wallet will thank you and you will always be able to find just what you were looking to wear!

Here’s How To Do It

  1. Basic Editions Chambray Shirtdress — $24.99
  2. Metaphor Ponte Skinny Pants — $13.99
  3. Bongo Printed Jogger Pants — $9.99
  4. Bongo Distressed Light Wash Jeans — $21.99
  5. Bongo High Waist Jeans — $19.99Mix and match wardrobe
  6. Basic Edition Marled Cuffed T-Shirt — $11.24
  7. Basic Edition Anchor Camp Shirt — $9.98
  8. Jaclyn Smith Asymmetrical Top — $12.74
  9. Basic Edition Short Sleeve Blouse — $7.98
  10. Bongo Open Front Cardigan — $17.00Mix and match wardrobe
  11. Basic Edition Embossed Ballet Flats — $16.99
  12. Basic Edition Wedge Sandals — $19.99
  13. Striped Tassel Infinity Scarf — $9.99
  14. Basic Edition Reversible Tote Bag — $29.99
  15. Jaclyn Smith Sophie Satchel — $9.99

Mix and match wardrobe


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  1. I love the idea that you gave us a mix and match wardrobe, no thinking or hunting necessary!Can you do this for summer, too?Did you include the total cost? I don’t see it. Love the chambray dress and the scarves!Thank you!