Dorthy Halloween costume

Halloween is coming and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only does that mean fabulous fall weather is here in Upstate NY, but it also means that I get to get creative with my wardrobe!

There is something else you should know about me… I LOVE The Wizard Of Oz! This Halloween costume would be a dream for me, but with a four-year-old who recently became obsessed with Batman, I don’t see myself being able to wear this anytime soon.

With Halloween only coming once a year, I don’t see the point in going out and spending $100+ on something you are only going to wear once! It just doesn’t go along with my whole budget lifestyle. That’s why I put together this adorable (my real dream) costume!

With a few pieces that you can totally reuse in your wardrobe, you can have a unique Dorthy Halloween costume that costs a fraction of department store prices!

I would love to see how cute this turns out! Feel free send me picture or post them on the Facebook page! 

What you will need:

  1. Person Pleated Bowfront Skirt (Amazon) — $16.99
  2. Apt 9 Popover Blouse (Kohl’s) — $14.99
  3. Journee Collection Lindy Flats (Kohl’s) — $44.99
  4. Anna Belen Small Hair Bows (Amazon) — $10.80
  5. Loreal Color Riche Lipstick (Amazon) — $5.39
  6. 12″ Flopsie Toto Dog (Amazon) — $10.52
  7. Handwoven Wicker Basket (Amazon) — $10.49


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