I can not tell you how many times I have walked past MONEY in the grocery store because I had no idea what a No Beer Purchase Required mail in rebate (NBPR) was. I am really hoping to be able to explain this as completely as possible so you don’t make the same mistake I did. In some states it is Illegal to advertise an incentive when you are buying alcohol. With that being said some rebates skirt around this some how and some rebates are still beer purchase required. You HAVE TO read the rebate well to make sure your state is included in the no beer purchase required!

Beer rebates are found in your local grocery store and if your lucky the gas station. They can be located on the beer as a peelie, on a pad next to a beer display or attached to the window of the cooler.   Before you go peeling a million off there are a few things you should know:

  1. You can only submit one rebate and receipt per address (now if you have nice neighbors or family that’s a different story..)
  2. You have to be 21 to submit a rebate.
  3. The most to remember is that it takes 6-8 weeks to process your rebate.

Now that you know what a NBPR rebate is it’s important to know how they work. All you need to do is buy what is stated on the rebate and keep your receipt. For example:


So you would buy ANY bug spray because no minimum purchase is stated. You can see clearly from the picture what states the rebates are valid in and what valid states do not require a beer purchase. You then keep your receipt that you get at the register (from any store) and mail it in to the address specified.  Most beer rebates are for things you are already buying. The one pictured was found at peak summer time weather when I would normally be buying that anyway. Rebates can be for anything you can imagine food, merchandise, or other products and as long as you live in one of the states listed you only need to by the product.

Another note I would like to add is most if not all rebates include the word “receipt/s” which means you can make more then one purchase toward the amount required. So if your rebate says get $10 back when you spend $30 in meat you don’t need to buy all $30 at one time ( unless you want to). You just save your receipts from each time you buy a meat product until they add up to $30 then send them on there way. NBPR are really convenient because I really am buying this stuff anyway so why not spend three minutes of my time to get a little money back?

After you get the rebates out regularly you will start to get a steady stream of them in the mail every week. I suggest that before you mail them out you keep a log of the rebate name, offer number and, amount expected because you can send multiples of the same rebate as long as they have different offer numbers. So if you find three shock top save $4 off the purchase or produce with the offer # numbers xxx1, xxx2, xxx3 you can mail all three in ( with 3 different receipts = $12 purchase)! This is also a great way to basically coupon for fresh meat and produce that NEVER have coupons.

I hope this was helpful and if you still have questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]



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