6 Ways Your Teenager Can Increase Their Spending MoneyAs adults, we often look back on our teenage years as some of the best times of our lives. But when you’re a teenager, it’s hard to really appreciate the fact that you don’t have to hold down a full-time job or pay bills. Teens have concerns of their own, such as keeping their social lives going strong and coming up with money to go on dates and out with friends.

As parents, we can’t always give our teens a lot of money. And even if we could, it’s important for them to learn how to earn money for themselves. If your teen is short on cash, here are some ideas that he could use to earn the money he needs.

1.Get a paper route. If your teen is an early riser, a paper route is the perfect job for him. It won’t interfere with his social life, because it only requires a few hours of his time in the mornings. As an added bonus, it provides great exercise if your teen walks or rides his bike to make deliveries.

2. Babysit. Sitting is a job that is usually easy for teens to find. Many parents need someone to watch their children before or after school, and since teens are on basically the same schedule as younger kids, they’re available when needed. They can also babysit on weekends.

3. Have a yard sale. Young teens can make lots of money with yard sales, because they usually have lots of toys and clothes that they have outgrown. They can have a sale of their own or set up with their parents for a larger event. To add to the educational aspect of the experience, have your teen write an ad for the paper, create and post signs and do most of the pricing and set-up himself.

4. Clean cars. Teenagers who have recently gotten their permit are often obsessive about keeping their vehicles clean, so why not make money keeping other people’s vehicles clean? Let your teen use your water hose, vacuum cleaner and driveway, and advertise his services in the paper. Busy people are often happy to pay a teenager to get their cars spic and span.

5. Run errands. Elderly and disabled individuals are frequently in need of someone to run errands for them. This presents a great opportunity for your teen to make money while helping someone in need. He could ask friends, family members and neighbors for referrals, put an ad in the paper, or inquire with an assisted living facility to find clients.

6. Get a part-time job. If your teen is doing well in school, he might be able to handle a part-time job. Fast food restaurants and grocery stores are good places to start looking, as they are often willing to work around teenagers’ schedules. Just be sure to closely monitor his grades and make sure that all homework gets done.

There aren’t really a lot of traditional jobs available to teenagers, but there are plenty of ways that they can still make money. These ideas are but a few of them. If your teen needs extra spending money, have him think about the things he can do (and enjoys doing) and find a way to profit from them.


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