When I first entered the world of couponing my head was swimming with all the coupon lingo and abbreviations. Coupons/couponing sites tend to be written in a foreign language that no one really takes the time to teach because for some reason you are already suppose to know it. I am going to stop that stigma right here.  I am going to break it down to the basics for you because I want you to succeed. You cant succeed unless you know what the heck I am talking about ! To achieve your ultimate goal of saving tons of money with this new art form you are going to learn need to adapt to reading these new terms. I am going to list you all the coupon lingo and abbreviations you will need to know to navigate not only my site, but all the others you will encounter.


Inserts Found In Your Sunday Paper

Your Sunday paper circulates 3 coupon inserts regularly. .

RP – Red Plum

SS – Smart Source

P&G – Procter & Gamble

 You will usually see these inserts written into deals like this: 9/30 RP. From that you would know to go to your insert storage and look in the Red Plum inset from September 30th

Coupons Found In Places Other Then The Newspaper

When in the grocery store, I am sure you have noticed those little machines with the blinking light that spit out coupons. Those coupons are known as blinkies.

Blinkies – Coupons that come out of a dispenser at the super market.

Sometimes when you purchase a special promotional item you will get what is known as a catalina coupon good off your next purchase. Catalina coupons print out of a separate machine then your receipt after you finish your transaction.

Catalina – Special coupon that print after your purchase.

Coupons found online are generally known as internet printable.

IP – Internet Printable

You will notice when walking through the grocery store that some items have coupons attached to the packaging that you can peel off. These coupons are known as peelies.

Peelies – Peelable coupons found on product packaging.

Coupons or rebates can also be found attached to a pad close to the advertised product. These are known as tear pads

Tear pad – A pad of coupons or rebates usually located near the promoted item or display.

Coupon Abbreviations

BOGO (or B1G1) – Buy one item get one free.

GC – Gift card.

IVC – Walgreen’s Instant Value Coupon ( found in the weekly ad or in booklets located usually at the front of the store).

Q – Short for coupon.

MIR – Mail in rebate.

MQ (or MFQ) – Stands for manufacturer coupon.

Store Q – Store coupon. These can only be used in the store that released them.

TQ – Target coupon (mostly found online). Also this is an example of a store coupon that may only be used at Target.

Coupon Usage Abbreviations

$/$ – Money off a specified purchase amount.

Ex: $5/$35. $5 off the purchase of $35 or more.

OOP – Out of pocket expense.

Ex: Spend $3 OOP, receive $2 reward.

OYNO – On your next order.

Ex: Spend $3, get a $3 reward to use OYNO.

WYB – When you buy.

Ex: Get a $3 gift card WYB 2.

YMMV – Your mileage may vary.

Some stores may shut down your deal because of what ever reason. This is known as a YMMV situation.

Store reward Abbreviations

Balanced Reward Points – Issued to your store card by Walgreens

ECB – Extra Care Buck (issued by CVS)

RR – Register rewards (issued in the form of a catalina coupon by Walgreens)

Wellness Plus – Rite Aid reward issues either by printed coupon or directly added to your card.

I know that this may seem overwhelming at first but trust me, it will be second nature to you in no time. Just stick with me and check out my weekly deals and steals,  you will be on your way to having your stash off free products in no time!


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