WORLD YOU LOVEWhen I first started couponing I was broker then broke! I couldn’t even afford to spend the $0.10 for shampoo or the $0.02 for toothpaste. My husband had a low paying job that was just keeping our head above water and I knew I needed to find a way to make money from home. What could I really do? My son was only a few months old, I had no real experience doing anything online, and no time to invest in learning a new skill. Then something happened! I stumbled across an advertisement for an online survey site that would pay me $1-$5 to answer a few questions about my buying habits.

About 4 years ago I began to take surveys online as a means to make a few dollars that I could call my own. Believe it or not, it turns out I actually really enjoy taking surveys. I feel like it’s the easiest possible money I can earn with the least amount of effort. I love the fact that I can sit in front of my T.V. while my husband watches shows that really don’t interest me and make money right from my cell phone or tablet!

The reason I mentioned couponing in the beginning is because I primarily used the money I made from surveys to be able to afford to coupon. As you know, most deals require you to spend so much to receive a gift card or store reward back and this was the only way I had the cash to invest in these deals.

Let me just say it now, you wont get rich from taking surveys but if you are a stay at home mom/dad (anyone really) and are looking for a fun way to bring in some extra funds this is definitely worth a try!

Over the years I have tried so many survey sites. The list below is my TOP all time favorites that actually pay you for your time. You don’t have to sign up for every single one, but work through them. Find the ones you like and stick with them. Whether aiming for couponing money, bill money, or even money to buy a new shirt with out guilt, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can actually make when you find the right companies for you.

  1. VIP Voice – This is one of my favorites because on top of the regular surveys, your VIP Points can be used for sweepstakes entries and auctions. Prizes include vacations, electronics, appliances, and more. When complete five surveys you earn an additional 1,000 VIP Points!
  2. Opinion Outpost (US) Or Opinion Outpost (Canada) – The minimum cash out for Paypal is $10 and only $5 for Amazon gift cards.
  3. Springboard US Panel Or Angus Reid Forum (Canada) – Honestly this is on to stick with. When I first started I would get like $0.35 surveys but after proving my interest (by doing the daily poll and responding promptly to survey invitations), I make very decent money from this one. Plus the surveys are actually interesting and I do enjoy them more then most.
  4. Harris Poll Online
  5. SendEarnings – You have tons and tons of opportunity to earn money with this one not just through surveys.
  6. SurveyDownline (US, CAN, UK, AU)
  7. Inbox Dollars
  8. Swagbucks (US,UK and CA) – If you start now and are committed to spending just a few minutes a day, this one can pay for your Christmas!!
  9. Global Test Market – I like this one because your not limited to just surveys. You can earn points by doing all sorts of things and rack up points pretty quickly.
  10. Valued Opinions
  11. Toluna – This is another one that offers great product reviews and pays well for them.
  12. SendEarnings
  13. ProOpinion -This one pays in high value Amazon gift cards.
  14. EarningStation –  Earn gift cards online with high-paying surveys, discount shopping offers, and other fun ways to earn.
  15. Shopper’s Voice
  16.  Vindale Research – This one is another one that you can get paid to review products as well as take surveys.
  17. MindsPay – Evaluate products and services of your interest and get paid.
  18. SurveyDownline (US, CAN, UK, AU)
  19. Ipsos i-Say (US) or Ipsos i-Say (CAN)
  20. Points2shop – You receive 250 points for joining!




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  1. Qmee is a nice site missing from the list, also is academic survey site so you never get screened out and some of them can pay really high.

  2. Hi
    i have taken surveys from some of the panels listed, and all are reliable survey panels, gonna sign up for swagbucks that i know have high payouts.
    My best regards

  3. Love the list! Definitely trying out a few for that sweet side income for the little home expenses. Not getting rich yeah but extra cash doesn’t hurt at all.

  4. Great list! Definitely trying out a few for that sweet side income for the little home expenses. Not getting rich yeah but extra cash doesn’t hurt at all.