30 Day of Summer Fun Challenge Are you ready for summer vacation? If you’re like me, you’ve been counting the days for the busy school season to end, but then a week into summer you start wishing school would start again (seriously). It’s great to finally have time with the kids, but it doesn’t take long before they start with the “I’m bored!” mantra.

Even though my son is little (4-years-old to be exact), he is still the exact same way you would expect a 14 -year-old to be when he gets bored.. a little terror. This year we are going to skip the “I’m bored!” and try something different. I want to invite you to do the same. We are going to do a 30 Days of Summer Fun Challenge to break the summer funk cycle.

What is a 30 Days of Summer Fun Challenge?

30 Day of Summer Fun Challenge

Well to different people it can mean different things, but to me it mean getting out and have fun with my little one for 30 days straight! That probably sounds really challenging but trust me it’s not. Even if you only do something small, you are still doing something together and making memories with your child (plus you are keeping them from muttering those dreaded 3 words).

While some of these things might seem trivial, I have learned sometimes the simplest things can be the funnest. You don’t have to be a millionaire or plan extravagant activities to have a good time! I have put together a very simple and doable 30 Days of Summer Fun plan to help you get out there and have a ball. You can print yours by clicking the 30 Days of Summer Fun calendar below.

30 Day of Summer Fun Challenge

30 Days of Summer Fun Challenge

  1. Go on a bike ride – A family bike ride is always fun!
  2. Eat ice pops – Nothing beats a yummy ice pop in the summer.
  3. Walk downtown – Go check out downtown in your town.
  4. Put together a puzzle – This is hours of fun (seriously)!
  5. Catch fireflies – Let your kids stay up late once this summer.
  6. Visit a farm – Visit a farm to see how it functions during the summer months. If you need help finding one, you can check out this site.
  7. Grow flowers – Let your kids help you grow flowers this summer.
  8. Blow bubbles – Bubbles are also a win-win even for older kids!
  9. Make shaved ice – What a fun idea for the summer months.
  10. Drink lemonade – I’m thirsty now just thinking about it.
  11. Go swimming – This may happen more than once this summer.
  12. Make sock puppets – My kids love making sock puppets.
  13. Go hiking – Take a hike this summer, you won’t regret it.
  14. Read in the sun – Nothing beats fun in the sun with reading.
  15. Make a life -sized chalk drawing – I feel like my kids will love drawing me.
  16. Experiment with watercolors – So much fun doing art during the summer.
  17. Visit a farmer’s market – Your kids will love seeing the diversity in products and venders.
  18. Make no-bake cookies – There is nothing yummier than no-bake cookies!
  19. Write poems – Let your kids write poems about their summer time adventures.
  20. Fly a kite – When it’s windy out, take advantage and fly a kite!
  21. Build a fort – Your kids are going to love doing this.
  22. Visit the beach – Beach time in the summer time is the best time. If you don’t have one close by  you pretend the back yard is a beach! Fill up a little kiddy pool and buy some sand from any big box store.
  23. Put together a scrapbook – Keep track of those summer time adventures with a scrapbook!
  24. Make s’mores – My mouth is watering just thinking about it. S’mores are a summer staple.
  25. Ride a four-wheeler –Who’s up for a little adventure?
  26. Water fight– Staying cool during the summer is important so this serves two purposes!
  27. Go on a nature walk – Who doesn’t love a good nature walk? It’s a great way to kill some energy while exploring outside.
  28. Make a music video – Break out of your comfort zone this summer.
  29. Visit a water park – Water parks are our favorite.
  30. Make homemade ice cream – Hello, fellow ice cream lovers.

With a little planning, 30 days of summer fun can be right around the corner! Are you excited?


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