7 Organizational Tips for Keeping Your SanityWhat if you could stay organized and keep your sanity? It’s possible! Coming from a mom who literally has no time on her hands, I stay organized and actually enjoy it.

Organizing has become a way to relieve stress for me and to keep my sanity. I don’t like to see things, not in their place and it doesn’t take me long to get them back where they belong. This is because I have a system down for organizing. I feel like when my house and life is disorganized, it stresses me out and I’m not fun to be around.

Check out these 7 organizational tips for keeping your sanity that I have implemented into our daily lives.

  1. Invest in Organizational Bins-When it comes to staying organized, it’s best to just get the best organizational tools out there. Why buy junk? Buy organizational tools you can actually use! I have found some awesome bins that I love at the Dollar Store and even at Goodwill! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to stay organized.
  2. Get Rid of Clutter, When You Come in Contact with It-I have to say that if clutter doesn’t leave my home right away, it stays. Do yourself a favor when it comes to staying organized and get rid of the clutter right away, don’t hang onto it. Hanging onto it will only make your life more hectic later down the road. Donate it, sell it, or throw it away, but don’t keep it!
  3. Use Up Space-If you have space in your home, use it! It’s much easier to be organized when you actually have the space to do so. Utilize the closets, pantries, and shelves in your home. Just because you have a lot of space, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it with clutter. Be intentional about your space and use it to organize!
  4. Hooks are Your Friends-When it comes to organizing in my home, sometimes I don’t have the energy to deal with bins. I have found that placing hooks throughout my helps really helps me keep my sanity. Hooks can be used for hanging up clothes, shoes, jackets, and anything else you can think of.
  5. Get a Sharpie-Another organizational tips that I have started using and that I love is a sharpie! This is especially great for big families because it can get confusing with so many people in one household. Take that sharpie and start labeling things around the house. This will especially save your sanity because your husband will start to find things because everything will be labeled!
  6. Totes are Lovely-I own a lot of totes, not expensive totes, just totes that help me to stay organized. You may see me carrying around two bags, but I know exactly what are in those bags. It’s important to be organized, so you can find things and totes are the loveliest way to do that!
  7. Reorganize Often-I’m not going to lie, if I don’t stay on top of my organization, then things start to go awry. You can have the best organizing tips in the world, but if you don’t stay on top of them, you just won’t be organized in the long run. I set a timer for 15 minutes each day and I spend that time organizing. I throw away any junk we don’t need, clear off the counters, and put everything back where it goes. Scheduling in this time on a daily basis has truly been a sanity saver for me!

What are your favorite ways to stay organized? I’d love to hear your tips!



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