Beat the winter blues

Little things make a big difference. In fact, something as simple as a cheerful photo or a splash of color can change your perspective in a much more obvious way than managing seamless gutters. During the winter months it can be difficult to think positively. Try these simple tricks to lighten the mood.

#1 Paint

Color has been proven to affect mood. Cheerful colors like yellow, orange and purple can make you smile. Soft blues and greens can instill a sense of calm. You don’t have to go wild and paint your entire home. Simply paint a wall or two in your favorite room. By the way, painters Ottawa do good job.

#2 Add flowers

Flowers brighten any room and mood. Add a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers to a table. Make sure you can see them when you enter the room. Daisies and bouquets of mixed flowers are generally inexpensive and can last a long time on your table. Consider joining a flower of the month club so this delightful splash of color comes to you on a monthly basis.

#3 Accessorize

Add throw pillows or an area rug to add color to a room. Many people change their home’s décor to compliment the season. You can add some brightly-colored items during the winter months to add cheer to your home. Find colors that make you smile and feel good. A little bit of cheer can go a long way during the gray winter days.

#4 Candles

Consider candles. They provide more than aroma and light therapy. They come in every size, color and shape imaginable. You can add whimsy to your home, sophistication, or a modern edge – all while also adding color. Candles can brighten a room and your day. Look for candles that come in invigorating citrus scents and bright colors.

#5 Photos, paintings and decorations

Find images that make you feel good. Choose colorful pictures to hang on your wall. It can be anything from a photo of a loved one or a piece of modern art. The key is to choose something that’s colorful and makes you smile. Consider creating a collage of family photos and mounting them on a colorful background. You can frame this with a store-bought frame and have instant cheer and happy memories.

Sometimes a person needs a little extra help to beat the winter blues. Simply changing your environment and brightening your home can help. Make your home a place that makes you smile. Surround yourself with color and cheer.


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