Family Game Night is an absolute favorite in our house! Is it in yours?  If not, then maybe you should add this fun traveling award as an addition to see if you can spark up your game night!

I grew up in a house that didn’t have a ton of money, but we had lots of LOVE to share.  We spent a lot of time at home and together, which was great.  In this now super-fast paced society, we need more TIME for our families without bells & whistles going off from the electronic devices that are a part of our everyday life.  One of our favorite activities as a family was family game night.  We loved playing all sorts of games, from hippos that were hungry, to trapping a mouse, to making words (not just with friends), to figuring out what your life could look like, or pretending to be a doctor to help that poor guy with the water on his knee, and even trying to become a millionaire tycoon with ALL the houses & hotels that you could snag, and beyond.  We would laugh, cry, smile, and maybe even get a little excited (whether cheering or yelling)!  The most important part was we were together as a family.  I was reminiscing about these amazing times with my family and thought, “What can I do to get some of that into our world?!?!”

That’s when I made this trophy.  How adorable is this Family Game Night Trophy?  We have a slightly competitive household, as I am sure you may as well.  So, I decided to add this fun competitive element for our family game nights.  We may play a few different games during our game night, but we always pick one of our favorites for Trophy Time.  My son almost always picks Sorry, as he totally kicks our butts…he is brutal, even at this young age already.  #SorryNotSorry  Then, the winner of that game gets to keep the, now coveted, Family Game Night Trophy for the week, until we play again the following week.  Now, we tend to have the winner pick the Trophy Time game, while we all get to take turns picking other games that night…just as an idea.  This keeps it fun, but also adds that extra competitive boost that we all crave!

So, what are your family game night favorites?  Let me know, as I am always on the lookout for new games to try out with my family.

Family Game Night Trophy Supplies

1 Base – like this Wood Plaque 

3 Wood Dice

1 Chess Piece

Game Pawn Pieces

Hot Glue Gun

Poker Chips

Scrabble Pieces

Liquid Gold Leaf

Acrylic Paint – white and black

Paint Brush

Family Game Night Trophy Instructions

The best part of this project is that you can make it however you want with whatever supplies you have. If you have games that are missing pieces or if you see games at the thrift store feel free to use pieces from those!

Use white acrylic paint to paint the base and the wood dice cubes. Allow to dry.

Use a small paint brush to paint black dots on the wood dice cubes.

Paint the base with the gold liquid leaf. We also painted a plastic lid that we had gold. Doing this project again, I would use poker chips. I think that would be a fun addition!

We decided to spell the word ‘champ’ with Scrabble tiles on the front. Some other options would be No. One, First, or if your last name is short you could do that. Hot glue the letters on the front.

Hot glue the dried wooden dice on to the base.

To get some height, we used a toilet paper tube. (Yay for recycling!) Hot glue the game pieces to the toilet paper tube. (Amazon is totally the place to go for these.)

Glue the game piece toilet paper tube to the top of the dice.

Glue the lid (or if you have Poker chips, that’s what I would use doing this project again).

Top off your trophy with a chess piece.

You are ready to crown your family game night champ!



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