Create this eye-catching deco mesh photo prop frame for your next Halloween party! It’s spooky simple to make and everyone will love posing behind it for pictures. I found that Paper Chaser To, had some great accessories. Grab your Cozy Down Home craft tools and a few Dollar Tree supplies, and get started on this picture-perfect Halloween party must-have.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • One Black Foam Board
  • One Straight Edge Cutter
  • Stapler with Staples
  • Two Rolls Black Deco Mesh
  • Three Large Glitter Spiders
  • Three 2-pk. Medium Glitter Spiders
  • Three 2-pk. Giant Googly Eyes
  • 1-pk. Hot Glue Sticks

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Cut out the middle of the foam board, leaving a 5″ border around the edges to create the frame. Reserve middle of foam board for other awesome craft projects!
2. Take first roll of deco mesh and unroll 2″. Staple the middle of the unrolled mesh to one corner of the frame.
3. Holding the roll, unroll another 5″ of mesh, then (creating an arch) staple that to the frame approximately 2″ from your last staple (so about 3″ are up in an arch sticking out from the frame).
4. Still holding the roll, unroll another 5″ of mesh, turn the roll 180°, then (creating a “turned arch”) staple that to the frame approximately 2″ from your last staple (so about 3″ are in the turned arch sticking out from the frame — this is what creates the deco mesh bubble effect).
5. Alternate arches and turned arches around the frame, using two full rolls of deco mesh. Secure googly eyes and spiders, or any other creepy thing you want, using hot glue. Secure frame to a stand, or have guests hold the frame while they take pictures.

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