Frugal Valentine's Gift Ideas (1)Some people go all out for Valentine’s Day. Others refuse to celebrate it because they say it’s too commercial. And then there are those who like the idea of a holiday that’s focused on showing their partners how much they care, but do not have the money to buy expensive gifts.

If you listen to all of the Valentine’s Day ads, it’s easy to get discouraged because you can’t go out and buy the object of your affection an expensive diamond or a room full of roses. But if you keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is a time show your love and have a good time together, it’s easy to see that high-dollar gifts are not necessary. Here are some gift ideas that your partner will love that won’t break the bank.

* Make a CD of your favorite love songs. Be sure to include any songs that have special meaning to you as a couple, such as your first wedding dance. To make it a real surprise, pop it into your partner’s car CD player without him knowing about it so that it plays when he goes to work.

* Write your lover a poem, or paint her a picture. If you’re artistically inclined, nothing says love like a piece of your work dedicated to your one and only. Have the work framed for an extra special touch.

* Make a coupon book. Create some coupons on your computer or by hand for things like breakfast in bed, back rubs and home-cooked meals. These loving gestures will show your affection long after Valentine’s Day is over, and they don’t cost anything.

* Put together a spa gift basket for your partner. Include some bubble bath, lotion, massage oil and other goodies. Then present it to the one you love and spend the evening putting it to good use together.

* Give flowers, but don’t go overboard. A dozen red roses are considered by many to be standard protocol for Valentine’s Day, but roses are far from frugal. If your partner adores roses, consider giving her one or two long-stemmed roses instead of an entire dozen. And if she likes other flowers just as well, buy her some carnations, lilies, or a bouquet of colorful wildflowers.

* Instead of expensive gourmet chocolates, bake your partner a cake. Draw hearts and write a love note on it with red or pink icing. You could also bake some of his favorite cookies or brownies and write short notes similar to those found on conversation heart candies on them with icing.

On Valentine’s Day, most of us want to give our partners a thoughtful and romantic gift. But we don’t have to overextend our budgets in order to do so. These gift ideas are quite inexpensive, but they do a fine job of showing your affection.


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