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Disney Playdate

Recently, my sons school got his birthday mixed up. I couldn’t figure out why my little one kept coming home telling me his birthday was coming soon. I kept reminding him that it was in July, and after a puzzled look, that was usually the end of the conversation. It wasn’t until I picked him up from school the other day, did I finally realize what was going on.

When I was picking him up from school, the teacher came over and told me I could bring cupcakes in for him and they would all sing him happy birthday on Friday. I was like Friday?! His birthday is in July (its only MAY)! I understand that mistakes happen, but my little one was so heartbroken that his birthday wasn’t in two days like he thought, but two months. I knew I had to do something. Then it hit me! Why not just celebrate anyway?! We decided to celebrate an “un-birthday” with a magical Disney playdate!

So, I have to be honest here, it can be really hard to come up with fun playdate party idea when you are not the craftiest Pinterest mom out there. Let me just put your mind at ease and tell you it can be done (and it’s quite simple)!

How to Host a Super Easy Disney Playdate

Disney Playdate

Step #1. Decide how many guests you want to have.

Disney Playdate

We kept our party simple and only invited 10 friends. Once you decide on how many guests you are inviting, you can decide on the appropriate place to throw your shindig. We threw ours at a local park because it was free and I live in a small apartment that just couldn’t accommodate 10 friends plus their parents.

That brings me to another point, don’t freak out when half of your invited guests don’t show up. We are all parents, sometimes things happen. And, RSVPing is pretty much a thing of the past!

Step #2. Plan your menu.

Disney Playdate

When I decided to throw my party, the food was the part I was most excited about. I planned all of these beautiful party food ideas that would make even Pinterest moms jealous. Then I realized something. We are dealing with 3-5-year old’s who literally don’t care about a single thing. I decided not to kill myself making the perfect Mickey Mouse shaped cake with the beautiful fondant button, but instead stick to pre-made cupcakes and fresh fruit snacks that I knew the kids would enjoy.

Disney Playdate

The only tip I have for you here is just to keep it simple. As one treat idea, we made Mickey Mouse Watermelon pops. Don’t let the name fool you. They were just watermelon we cut in the shape of Mickey with a cookie cutter and put on Popsicle sticks. They were super fun looking and super simple.

Step #3. Plan your activities.

Disney Playdate

Planning your activities ahead of time is a must when it comes to throwing any kind of party and a playdate is no different. Use your list only as a guide thought! Don’t get upset when you don’t make it through every activity you had planned.

Disney Playdate

When throwing our Disney playdate, I planned a few fun party games like Disney Character Charades and a Disney Magic Match. To tell you the truth, the little ones only made it through the magic match game. After that they were only interested in playing with the few dollar Mickey Mouse beach ball I brought as a backup. Another thing that went over well at our party was decorating party hats. We just took simple party hats (the kind you can find in the dollar store), and covered them in stickers. So, this is another one of those times where I am going to tell you to keep the games and activities simple and sort.

Step #4. Get your loot bags together.

Disney Playdate

Loot bags are a bit of a controversy. Do you loot bag or not, that is the question? I personally like to send my guests home with a little something so I decided to loot bag. For our loot bags, I just ordered a simple loot bag filler set off Amazon and some adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears. It was super easy (and cheap)!

Throwing a magical playdate for your little one doesn’t have to be an exhausting and extravagant event! With a few small touches and a couple of great short cuts, you can throw your little one the Disney playdate of their dreams!


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