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When was pregnant with my son, I went on a sort of frenzy and signed up for probably every free sample or product I could get my hands on. It was probably a mixture of me going crazy in the last trimester and the fact I couldn’t leave the air-conditioning vent without fear of heatstroke :P.   While going from site to site, I found one of the best sites for baby freebies out there (in my opinion). 

Out of the 100 other sites I signed up for, this is the only one that I received every single thing I requested from them along with some awesome surprises!

Some of the perks included

  • Free baby samples (The best way to see what you like and/or how your baby will react to things like lotion,shampoo, ect.)
  • Exclusive baby coupons
  • Free baby magazines subscriptions (for the whole year!)
  • Travel bags / diaper bags
  • Bottle ice packs

What’s even cooler then all the baby stuff you will get – You will get a free 8 x 10 canvas from Canvas People just for signing up (free membership)! <—- New members only

If you are expecting or know someone who is, make you share this link with them so they can also claim their hundreds of dollars in freebies!

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