Keep the kids occupied on a rainy day with an incredibly easy (and inexpensive) craft! All it takes is 4 ingredients!

Because schools not out yet, we haven’t officially kicked off our 30 Days of Summer Fun Challenge just yet. My little one is still getting restless, so I have been trying to keep him busy by doing little activities daily that don’t require too much work. Making bead slime really fits that profile. It’s incredibly easy and keeps my four-year-old busy for hours.

The best thing about making your own slime is that it’s completely customizable. We actually made this batch of slime to mimic the smurfs because that seems to be the hot thing in our house for the week. But, if your child has a favorite toy or movie, it would be so easy to bend the theme to your will. I am thinking My Little Pony with pink glitter glue and multi-colored beads, but could easily come up with a million other easy ideas.

Another great thing about this slime is how easily you can store it. Just throw it in a large Ziploc bag and put it away until it’s time for play again. If you notice the slime is too “sticky” after you store it, all you have to do is mix in a touch of liquid starch and it will go right back to being manageable. I have kept mine for around two weeks with no issue before tossing it in the trash. My kiddo really likes making it so it usually doesn’t last that long. He would rather make it once and throw it away so he can make it again.

Also, a big parent plus, this particular bead slime does NOT stick to your kids’ clothes. While I am all about getting messy and dirty, sometimes it’s nice to just have a simple activity that doesn’t take two years to clean off everything. My son and I made this right at the kitchen table with virtually zero mess. I mean you still will have to wipe down the table, but you won’t have to take your finger nail to the surface trying to get every sticky piece. If it sounds like I have experience in doing that it’s because I do. I have made my very own batch of hell slime and it was NOT fun to clean up (or off my child) so I can really appreciate this.

You guys know I am all about the simple. If you are looking for a little project just to make it through the “I’m BORED”, consider putting together this super simple bead slime. It might just save your sanity on a rainy day (or long summer break)!

How to Make Bead Slime

Add entire bottle of school glue to your bowl.

Add entire bottle of glitter glue to your bowl.

Slowly mix in liquid starch until slime starts to form.

Add in desired amount of pony beads (we used around 1/4 cup) and mix with hands to combine.

boy holding bead slime.
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How to Make Bead Slime

How to Make Bead Slime - an easy and fun activity!
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Author: Ashley


  • 4 oz Elmer's School Glue Gel
  • 1.8 oz glitter glue
  • ¼ cup liquid starch
  • Plastic pony beads


  • Add School Glue and glitter glue to bowl.
  • Slowly mix in liquid starch until slime starts to form. When slime starts to form mix beads in by hand and continue to kneed until slime is manageable and not sticky. If you are finding your slime is too stick slowly add more liquid starch in by the tablespoon until it no longer sticks to your hands.

Check out these tools to make slime!


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