Serious (1)Some shoppers begin gearing up for Black Friday long before Thanksgiving arrives. They scour the internet to find sneak peeks of sales and know which items they’d like to buy for each person on their list. They also know how to follow Black Friday safety tips to ensure they are able to shop ‘til they drop and remain safe at the same time.

You know there will be large groups of people out and about on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Even though most people are simply interested in getting a good deal and saving as much money as possible, there will be others who have criminal activity in mind. Besides trying to maneuver safely through the streets, you’ll also want to be aware of those around you who may be up to no good.

Try to shop at stores where you know there will be a security presence. Some stores will hire extra security guards during Black Friday sales to ensure their patrons are safe. If a store doesn’t have a security force, they may not be a safe store to shop.

If you plan to use cash for your purchases, get the money from the bank or ATM a day or so before Black Friday. People getting money from an ATM are an easy target for thieves. Thieves know you have money and many have no qualms about hitting or otherwise injuring you to get the cash you’ve just withdrawn. Use only well-lit machines which can be found inside stores if you have to get cash during the day.

Rather than making yourself an easy target for pickpockets or purse snatchers, take only the debit or credit cards you need, some cash and your driver’s license. Leave your purse at home and put your cards and cash in front pockets as they’re not as easy to pick as back pockets. If you must bring a purse, be sure it’s small and can easily be placed over the shoulder and across your body.

You’ve probably heard the sayings “there is safety in numbers” or “misery loves company.” There is truth in both of them and there’s no reason not to follow this advice during Black Friday shopping. Ask a friend to join you for the day. You may not stay together in the store because you’re looking for different sales, but leaving the store and driving together is much safer than going it alone.

Be sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave. Place your phone in a front pocket or inside your bra if you’re a woman. Don’t lose it and be prepared to use it if you need to.

Let your family know where you’re going and keep in touch during the day. Write down the stores you’ll go to, in which order, and approximate times you’ll get to each one. Call them and let them know when you’ve left one store so they know where you are on your list.

Even though you may want a particular item, don’t fight over them. This same idea goes for parking spots in the lot. It is better to let someone who is being aggressive have their way rather than take the chance that they may get physical to get it.

In the heat of trying to get the items you want to purchase, it’s easy to overlook safety. These Black Friday safety tips can help you be aware of things you may not have thought about before. Try them out when you go shopping this year.


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