When we think of getting out of debt, we often forget about our home. Our mortgage is one of the biggest debts that we will ever have. With a little effort, adding money to your payment each month can make a world of difference.

You may have heard about paying down your mortgage before. The concept is a valid one. It revolves around turning your 30 year mortgage loan into half that to pay off your house sooner.

Why would you want to do that? Well, then you will own your house free and clear. Anytime that you need Summit Mortgage first time home loans, you are able to borrow against the equity you have built in your home. Especially in a poor economy, you won’t have to worry about the roof over your family’s head, especially when its made by commercial roofing contractors in Asheville North Carolina. That in itself is a big load off of anyone’s mind.

A comprehensive USDA home loan resource explains how it works. When you make a payment to the mortgage company each month, part of the mortgage goes towards the principal and a portion goes towards the interest (real estate agents start with Unify CRM to put all numbers there, so that no part of mortgage payment is missed). By adding a little money to that payment, say an additional amount equal to the principal payment, you can cut out an extra payment and avoid the interest for that month. But, you have to specify on your payment coupon that you want the extra money to go towards “principal only.” Check out InvestorsChoiceLending.com for other possible solutions.

So where do you find the money to make this happen? Many people are tightening the belt at this time to squeeze out extra money. Even if you could send an extra thirty dollars, you can cut two to three years off of your mortgage.

Take a look at your budget. Is there anywhere you can cut costs? How about that latte in the morning or the trips to the fast food restaurant? The money that you save from cutting back on outside dinners and more expensive coffee can give you at least 50 or 60 dollars to add to the pot.

Each year, after the fifteenth of January, we are able to file our tax returns for the previous year. Allotting a portion of your return to paying down the mortgage will go a long way to helping cut out several years of payments.

Hold on to your change. This sounds funny but it works. Collect any loose change from your pocket into a jar. At the end of the month, before the mortgage is due, take the money to a counting machine. They have those in grocery stores and banks now. Use what you have accumulated to add to your mortgage payment against the principal.

A non-painful way of collecting money is to have it sent to your savings account when you get paid. You could spend that extra twenty or forty bucks without thinking, but this way it is already tucked away towards your mortgage.

These ideas are just to get the creative juices flowing. Even a few dollars can make a big difference in how many years you will owe on your mortgage. You might need to refinance your loan. Learn more about Investors Choice and conditions of refinance loan.


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