Get you closet organized with these super easy closet organizing tips!

Easy Closet Organizing Tips

Spring has officially sprung! That means the time of spring cleaning and purging is also here. Spring cleaning is a daunting task, but by breaking it down problem areas, you can tackle the clutter while still keeping your sanity. For me one of my bigger problem areas is the closet. It’s always so crammed full of junk, I don’t even know how I find anything. It’s pretty much like my catch all no matter how hard I try to keep it together.

I have finally found an organizing system that really works for me and I really think it will work for you too. If you struggle with keeping your closet organized, you have to check out these 4 easy closet organizing tips! With a little bit of work, you can enjoy a highly organized and functioning closet space!

4 Easy Closet Organizing Tips

Easy Closet Organizing Tips

1. Sort clothes with these colorful closet dividers. Divide the clothes by type, season, or color! While you are doing this, turn all of your hangers in one direction. When you wear a piece of clothing, replace the hanger in the other direction. Keep doing this for a 3-6 month period. This will help you see what you are actually using/wearing and help you purge all of the items that are just collecting dust in your closet.

Easy Closet Organizing Tips

2. Keep boots standing up straight with a pool noodle! It’s not heavy, and helps keep boots keep their shape. Plus, when boots are laying all over the closet floor, they are taking over space you could be using for other things! It also helps your boots not get damaged from being stomped on all the time on the closet floor.

Easy Closet Organizing Tips

3. Fold clothes in the konmari method to save space. Check out this konmari method book packed full of ideas about applying this and other methods to all areas of tidying up! I really love doing this not just for my clothing, but my sons too. It makes it so much easier for him to pick out his own school clothes in the morning without unfolding every single thing looking for that one special shirt.

Easy Closet Organizing Tips

4. Keep lotions neat and organized in CD holders! They’re just the right size and are great for organizing and saving space. I know that not everyone store lotions and things in their closet like I do, but when space is tight it’s the perfect place to keep these kinds of things.

If you have a problem with keeping your closet in check, give these 4 super easy closet organizing tips a try! You never know, they may just change your life. What are some of you best closet organizing tips? Do you have a special way of keeping your closet together?



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