It’s getting to that time of the summer where you think you are going to lose every ounce of sanity you have left. The kids are fighting with each other; they are bored; they don’t want to do anything; and they are just downright being little animals.

I feel you mama. We all hit that point where we are just ready for school to start! So, let me give you a few tips on how to get through the next four weeks of summer with your sanity! Just a forewarning, this these tips are not for the Susie homemakers out there. I am not trying to be “EXTRA” this summer, I am just trying to make it through summer alive! 

How to Get Through The Next Four Weeks of Summer With Your Sanity

#1 Get a Glass of Wine

Drink a glass of wine or the whole bottle. Pull out the tequila and get your Margarita on. You aren’t going to get through this summer without it. Let’s face it; we all need a drink every now and then. Alcohol reliably lessons your body’s psychological stress response making it a great way to get through the next four weeks of summer (Remember to drink responsibly and always in moderation).

#2 Call Grandma

How to Get Through The Next Four Weeks of Summer With Your Sanity

You know as well as I do that Grandma needs to spend some time with her favorite grandkids. If Grandma won’t do it, find a relative that hasn’t seen the kids in a long time and ship them off to their house. It will do you good to have even one day of peace and quiet. Get someone to take the kids even if it’s for a day.

#3 Find Yourself Free Babysitting

How to Get Through The Next Four Weeks of Summer With Your Sanity

I’m not talking about one that comes to your house. I am talking about the many activities that give you a little more freedom. For example, the pool (check out this greatest Lake Management Inc for more information about pools and ponds care). Take your kids to the pool with lifeguards. The great thing about the pool is you have several other people there watching your kids too so you don’t have to be right on top of them the entire time. Give yourself a break.

#4 Stop Parenting

How to Get Through The Next Four Weeks of Summer With Your Sanity

Our kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. If you want to keep your sanity for the next four weeks, you need to let go and make your kids fend for themselves. This gives your kids independence, confidence, and helps you to relax. Here are some ways you can stop parenting:

  • Stop making breakfast: There are tons of other choices like cereal, pop tarts, and muffins. Your kids can find their own breakfast.
  • Stop making lunch: Hand them a loaf of bread, some PB&J and a butter knife. They might make a mess, but hey you didn’t have to cook and they will feel good about making their own food.
  • Give them more freedom: If your 7-year old asks to walk to the park with his 9-year old sibling, let it happen. We are so afraid something will happen that our kids don’t know how to even make decisions for themselves.

#5 Get Out of the House

You and the kids are probably beginning to get houseatosis. It’s a condition I made up that means you need to get out of the house. Seriously, the dishes can wait; the laundry can wait; and even work can wait. Get out of the house. Go walk the trails, take a road trip, or find things in your hometown you never knew were there. The busier you keep your kids, the less time they have to drive you crazy.

#6 If All Else Fails

How to Get Through The Next Four Weeks of Summer With Your Sanity

If all else fails, find a 4-week camp and send your kids there. Sure, you might have to drive a little ways or you might have to pay a little more than you would like, but you will have your sanity! Check out these cool camps just for kids:

  • Timber Lake West Camp: This camp has 2-4 week programs with anything and everything for your kids to do. Of course, you will have to get them to New York.
  • YMCA: Although they don’t stay overnight, summer camps at the “Y” are awesome and they give you an entire day of peace. Look for a YMCA in your area. They can be found all over the US.
  • Vacation Bible Schools: If you don’t mind your kids learning a little religion, churches all over the country have vacation bible schools going on all through summer. Sign your kids up for a different church each week.
  • The Salvation Army Camps: Salvation Army isn’t just a place to drop your old clothes off; they are a huge company that gives back to the community in various ways. They offer affordable day camps as well as financial assistance.
  • Camp Invention: Get your kid’s creative juices flowing as they spend time inventing and creating what they want.

The great thing about summer camps is that they give your kids a ton of experiences, keep them out of trouble, and keep them active!

How are you getting through the next four weeks of summer with your sanity? Share your tips in the comments below!


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